Various people have contributed to the content available here. Indeed, the content available here is sometimes complementary to, sometimes aggregating other great content sources available elsewhere on the web.

The references database is the most sensitive since it contains full text coming from other sources, and since it is a simple self-contained document in a widely used format (EndNote). I will therefore attempt to protect the best interest of the community and of the original contributors by trying to put it under a Copyleft statute. See below for more details.

If you believe you are a contributor to some of the content here and have any remark (e.g. want your name to appear, or to be anonymous), please do contact me.

For the wealth of their contribution, a special thank must be extended to our colleagues from Stanford University for having published such great OT content, in particular Mark Mortensen, Keith Rollag, and Jan Chong. Other people at Stanford did produce or aggregated content which should also be thanked (Mandy, Karen, Kelley, Bilian, Maia, etc.)

I also warmly thank my colleagues at INSEAD for also sharing their material, in particular Nicola Dragonetti for his special help on this database. Julie Battilana and Roxana Barbulescu handed their own summaries of the field that fed my own structuration. Various other doctoral students also shared their material (Julie U., Dimo, Anna, Prashant, Manuella, Yu, Gokhan, etc.)


The content available on this site aggregates contents from various sources, some of it may carry some sort of copyright. My intent in sharing it is that it should be used in a copyleft fashion, inspired from the open source movement.

Consider that you should treat any content from this site at least according to such spirit, independently of any other protection that such content may benefit on its own . To be clear, some contents cited here have a stronger protection than granted by the copyleft statute, for instances the abstract of citations are protected by copyrights. The author of this site does not accept any liability for any usage that may be done of such content.

I am not a legal expert on those issues, so if someone has a strong opinion or advice, please let me know.

Here is the notice that I put as the first entry of the EndNote database.

This EndNote database is the result of a scholarly collective effort distributed under an implicit CopyLeft regime adapted from GNU Public License (see for the reference). It may not be used for commercial purpose.

Restriction of commercial and academic liability: the material has not been formally checked and is intended as a helper. In particular, attribution of comments/critics from apparently named contributors can be no more than indicative, do not engage the named person, and can not be the base of any commercial nor academic liability. If needing to use an attribution, please check standard litterature, or check with the apparent contributor.

That notice should appear as the first entry of the database when distributed.

List of Contributions:

* Current version (15Mar2005) assembled by Fabrice Cavarretta during his INSEAD comps preparation. It merged the following previous major contributions

* Various Summaries from other PhD students at INSEAD

* Nicola Dragonetti dabase from his PhD at INSEAD

* The repository of articles summaries and notes assembled by the following people at Stanford (both WTO and GSB), with the help of their colleagues: Jan Chong (, Mark Mortensen (, Mandy O'Neil (EndNote database), Keith Krollag (