I provide here an EndNote bibliographic database that contains roughly 900 references covering a range of the classic OT references.

Importantly, many references contains some sort of summary. Those summaries were gathered by myself, based on various others contributions. So please, read the credits info below since we owe very much to those various anonymous or identified scholars that were enlightened enough to share their material.

The references contains various labeling. The database was produced with EndNote v7 but should work for versions above.

If necessary, I also provide txt versions exported from EndNote into the RefMan, Refer and Bibtext formats that can be used to import in another bibliographic software (4Mb!).

>> Go at the bottom to download the various versions of the database 

Details on the database

Here are the most common labels:

+: means a reference where there is some summary/commentary available; in some way, it hints at those being studied as part of a PhD program at Stanford related to OT (GSB or MSE).

*: means a reference that was officially part of a class in INSEAD OB PhD program

format like 03-p4-OBM-s3: INSEAD class notation; here for instance, in year 2003-2004, periode 4, class OBM, session 3

Unusual usages: I have been using the generic "tertiary title" field to record a short comment about each article. This allows then to create categorized (by labels) bibliography with a brief information about the contribution of the article. Very convenient to those at the database level, bibliography can simply be updated by simply extracting through tools/subject bibliography with a well designed style. It was a tough decision to use an existing field (corruption of the data model) or to use a user define one. I figured out that tertiary title is virtually useless, and I usually try to avoid user defined field except for very punctual things (portability may be endangered).

CopyLeft Notice and Liability (legal, intellectual)

The database contains an entry (first when sorting by alphabetical order). It reads the following, thanks to follow at least the letter of it.

This EndNote database is the result of a scholarly collective effort distributed under an implicit CopyLeft regime adapted from GNU Public License (see for the reference). It may not be used for commercial purpose. 

Please see for more details on origin, copyright and additional resources.

Restriction of commercial and academic liability: the material has not been formally checked and is intended as a helper. In particular, attribution of comments/critics from apparently named contributors can be no more than indicative, do not engage apparently named person, and can not be the base of any commercial nor academic liability. If needing to use an attribution, please check standard litterature, or check with the apparent contributor.

If noticing any error or inappropriateness needing correction, please notify broadcaster of information.

That notice should appear as the first entry of the database when distributed.

List of Contributions: