I provide here a set of mindmaps related to Organizational Theory scholarship. An image of the top map appears at the bottom.

The maps have been developed in the context of preparing comprehensive examinations for my PhD in Organizational Behavior (OB) at INSEAD. Using mapping was extremely productive since it allowed both massive accumulation and ease of manipulation knowledge. It remains to be seen if the results can be used as such by someone else, or only as a suggestion to build one's own maps.

The maps contain direct references to literature using the free text format of EndNote, relatively to the database provided here. For instance, {Scott, 2001 #470} refers to Scott, W. R. 2001. Institutions and organizations.

The maps are organized according to a traditional taxonomy of the field. Since interactions between theoretical fields are frequently interesting, each map contains at the bottom some content regarding those. In order to avoid doubling, I used a convention: possible interactions between map A and B (see numbers in the title) is reported in the maps min(A,B). So, intersections between  between "2. Network" and "4. Evolution" appears at the bottom of map "2. Network".

Here is the organization and title of all maps. Just go at the bottom to find the maps in different formats: mmap for the native MindMap Manager format, otherwise a few are available in PDF.