Supervised student activities

I sometimes supervise some ESSEC students, preferably my former students.

I only supervise thesis and other "supervised student activities" if it corresponds to one of my active research or pedagogical projects. Be aware that my conception of such "supervised student activities" entails:

  • A mix of activity: usually a balance of a) writing a report b) scientific activity (such as literature review) and c) actual practical activities, those conducted under my supervision.

  • Significant work, as implicitly and explicitly expected by the institution: for instance, for a MS Thesis, this constitute a large share of the final grade (sometimes 30% of the whole master). Therefore, each project will have to be conducted with a commitment to provide actual amount of work, an amount often explicitly stated by program directors (e.g. up to 300 hours for many MS programs).

  • Only contact me if you accept such mix, and if you agree to commit to such work (and be ready to announce your understanding of the amount of work expected, and keep track of it).

If so, here are a list of subjects onto which an activity could be conducted (as of fall 2018). Feel free to contact me regarding any of those:

  • New pedagogical development : "Clinical Teaching"

    • More details: the idea of the thesis is to explore new modalities of teaching entrepreneurship through "clinical" activities (ie in contact with actual practitioners). The project will require to run an experiment, ie to fully organize it in contact with all stakeholders.

    • Target / Commitment : MS Thesis (>200h)

    • For whom: interest in Entrepreneurship, Intraprepeneurship, Pedagogy, and Consulting

    • pre-Requisite: French speaker; located in Paris area

  • Pedagogical material: write a case about "Emergence of a new media in a collapsing media industry"

    • More details: the firm and champion of the case is already identified and willing to collaborate.

    • Target / Commitment: MiM Research unit / Monitorat (>50h)

    • For whom: interest in Entrepreneurship, economics

    • pre-Requisite: French speaker; located in Paris area