Course: Entrepreneurship

Here are the elements of the introduction to the Entrepreneurship course. This is not intended to replace actual attendance to the classes but available for those that missed the initial session and need it to continue attending the following sessions.

As an aside, for those who understand French, a French summary can be found in this conference .

The version below is more comprehensive, but older (English only)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  1. Case: start with watching a short movie extract, which embodies what is really Entrepreneurship.

    • At the end of the session, we'll return to that movie extract.

  2. Concept: see the sequence An Entrepreneurial Method

  3. Concepts: this leads into exploring

  4. Case (revisit): You can finish by watching again movie extract, the one with the comments inserted in. There is a pack of slides that explain each comment

Remark: nowadays, I teach the introduction slightly differently from what is in this sequence. I would show the movie extract, then directly go into entrepreneurial method. I would return to the movie at the end. This would imply to take step 2 above, and do it in the end. That works better, your choice.

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