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Some former students have wondered whether it would be possible to receive regularly tidbits of information similar to the issues discussed in class.

I have therefore created a regular stream of newsbytes that covers a range from human/social issues to entrepreneurship/innovation, with a zest of technology. It overlaps things discussed in both my Entrepreneurship and OB/Leadership courses.

It shall be concise since the info is formatted for Twitter (140 characters max, including a URL) and follow a light schedule (probably once every few days).

My students are normally automatically registered to receive the stream by email (but can unsubscribe at their will).

PS pour les francophones: désolé de choisir l’anglais, qui est le plus grand dénominateur commun de mes anciens élèves. De toute façon, la plupart des articles auxquels je ferai référence seront en anglais.

To receive the feed

The most natural (but less used): TWITTER ==> Follow @fcavarretta on your twitter client

“Low tech” (but most convenient): use the email list

==> visit to register to receive the twits automatically by email

To search the archive

As I often refer to those articles, you might want to be able to search them.

Easy enough! Just visit, put "fcavarretta" under 'From these accounts', and put any search criteria: date, word, etc..

Also, here is a map of some of the subjects covered by those twits. So far, this document is rather technical, so you can ignore it: